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Khadi Lunghi

Lunghis are worn by simply wrapping around the waist, you can find more information on how to wear a lunghi in the description below. The lunghi is a very practical and casual garment for the warmer weather. This lunghi is in the Jagannatha Puri style. Availabe in a variety of colors. Size is 2 meters by 122 cm approx.

Price:  £6.52  £5.32 

Lunghi, Puri Style
 £5.53  £4.30 


Gamcha, Khadi, large size (200x100 cm) -- Traditional Indian Bathing Towel
 £4.06  £3.48 


Gamcha, Bengali cotton -- Traditional Indian Bathing Towel
 £2.42  £1.84 


Kurta -- Jute, white
 £10.24  £7.58 


Parikrama / Book Bag Cotton Kadhi
 £3.68  £2.86 


Yogi Pants White Cotton
 £9.22  £6.96 


Khadi Lunghi

How do you wear a lunghi?

A lunghi is a traditional men's wrap-around, it is different from a dhoti, because of the length and fabric design. The lunghi is shorter, more colorful and easier to wear than a dhoti. Open the 4x3 retangular fabric and bring it up behind you -- think of a bath towel. Cross the left and right edges tight around your waist. Do Not Tuck -- instead, the ends are rolled under and downward. This locks the garmet. The lunghi is versitile. On warm days the bottom edges are hiked up and tucked into the waist, exposing the legs below the knees. In the evening it may be worn full length. In rural India the lunghi is standard issue.

Price:  £6.52  £5.32 
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