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How to get the Kindle books onto the iPad or iPhone.

Solution The Kindle Prabhupada Books work perfectly well on the iPad and iPhone.

You will need to have the Kindle App installed. You can get it at (search for 'kindle app for iphone' or 'kindle app for ipad')

To install the Prabhupada Kindle Books on your device, you need to download a program called iExplorer. It is a free program available for the Mac and PC that allows you to copy files to and from the directory structure of your iPad/iPhone. To download it, click on the following link:

After installing this, plug your device into your computer with the USB cable. Open the device as if it was an external hard drive or memory stick. Navigate to the following location by opening the folders in order from left to right. The exact path or destination may differ slightly depending on our version of the iPad and version of Kindle Software.


In the eBooks folder, copy the Prabhupada book files [the .prc files from the download] to this folder.

Then you can read the Prabhupada books on your iPad.

If you have the Kindle reader running on your iPad you may need to end the task and restart the app before the books appear in the list.
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