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Kindle Books - Kindle Fire - Displaying Fonts Correctly

Solution The Kindle Fire may not automatically show the Diacritical marks correctly (Like showing "Kṛṣṇa" as "K???a" or similar).

The Kindle Fire allows you to change the font typeface when reading a book. Some fonts will display the diacritical marks correctly, and some won't.

Here's how to change the font when reading a book on the Kindle Fire:
At any page of a books, touch the Kindle Fire screen in the center of the bottom of the screen > a 'location menu' appears > touch 'Aa' > 'Font Style' / 'Typeface' Menu appears > touch 'Typeface' > select your font.

Some of the fonts that show the diacritical marks in Prabhupada's Books correctly are Courier, Arial, and Times New Roman.

If you have any questions, or more information/feedback about your experience with this, please feel free to contact us by opening a Help Desk Ticket.
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