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Vedische Kookkunst

The Dutch version of Adiraja's cookbook. This book first explains utensils, the art of combining dishes in menu-planning, and preparing, offering, and eating an Indian meal. Then come 133 tested recipes, carefully chosen by the best cooks in the Hare Krishna movement for their diversity and ease of preparation. The Dutch edition includes a preface by Rob Snijders, docent and secretaris van de European Vegetarian Union (EVU).

Price:  £16.39 
Author: Adiraja Das
Format: size 15.5 x 23 x 2.5 cm.
Pages: 318 pages
ISBN: 91-7149-304-2

Lord Nrsimhadeva Bracelet (Kada -- big size)
 £3.73  £2.90 

Krishna's Face Bracelet (Kada -- big size)
 £3.73  £2.90 

Tilak Chakra Pendant
 £5.77  £4.94 


Gopi Dress for Girls
 £10.37  £7.68 


Gopi Skirt -- South Indian, Multicolored, 58 Panels
 £36.73  £27.80 


Lord Nrsimhadeva Killing Hiranyakasipu Pendant With Black Thread
 £4.36  £3.53 
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